Natural Beauty

Non-toxic, Chemical Free Skincare

All-Natural Products without the use of harmful elements.

Urban Nature

Connecting Urban Citizens back to Nature

Powerful anti-oxidant skincare to combat the effects of pollution and aging.

Luxury Beauty

Affordably Luxurious

High-quality natural products for everyone.

All Natural Lip Balm

Meet our Ultimate Protectors: all-natural hemp seed oil based lip balms to keep your lips protected and fully moisturized all day long.

The essentials of your daily beauty routine.

100% Natural

Made from the finest natural ingredients. Free from chemicals, synthetics & paraben

Lip Protecting Properties

Hemp seed oil rich nutrients and anti-oxidants such as omega fatty acids, vitamin D & E.

No More Chapped Lips

The moisturizing properties of our all-natural lip balm help to keep your lips feeling smooth and luscious all day long.

Lovetica Natural Lip Balms


Always tested by us and never on animals.

Healing Benefits

Nourishing hemp seed oil and beeswax protect against harmful radicals.

Antibacterial & Anti-Inflammatory

Helps prevent growth of infection-causing bacteria. Promotes healthy skin.